Mahlkönig K30

Benchmark in Grind on Demand

 The K30 is without doubt the best known model designed by the Hamburg based company Mahlköning. The model owes its fame largely to its predecessor, the K60ES. It was this revolutionary product that introduced the ‘grind-on-demand' principle to the high-end market. But it was far too expensive for its target market and its design quite alien, compared to regular grinders. When the K30 hit the markets, its price was not an obstacle any more. The well-thought-out design received the famous Red Dot Design Award in 2005.


Another great advantage of this machine: it is practically silent. In restaurants cherished by visitors for their quiet surroundings, the ‘whispering' K30 could now replace the ‘stamping' grinders. Guests would finally be able to quietly savour their freshly ground coffee at the end of their, literally, quiet night out. 


Baristas appreciate the K30 for its impressive speed and grinding capacity. Especially when demand is high on a continuous basis, as is often the case in bars and restaurants, the K30 is a tireless go-getter. The enormous grinding burrs, measuring 65 mm, and the high-powered 850 W motor, deliver the programmed dosages time and again, without fail. The speed is enormous: no less than 7 g of coffee in 2 seconds! On top of this, the design of the K30 is so well-thought-out, that it fills the portafilter, hardly spilling any ground coffee . The much feared ‘spraying' of coffee-grind is all but absent in the K30. .


Mahlkönig makes all clichés about German thoroughness ring true. The machine was constructed without compromise to be utilized in heavy-duty situations for years on end.  Due to the heavy construction of its body, bearings, motor and its extremely durable grinding burrs, we at ESW only see these machines back in our workshop for regular maintenance, like the replacement of the grinding  burrs*.

*Our advice is to replace grinding burrs after grinding 500 kg of coffee. 


Grind-on-Demand: coffee is ground when portafilter is placed. No stale coffee grind - always freshly ground coffee! !

Dosage control : electronically with timer; variable programming; grinding time < 2 seconds for 7 g coffee

Automatic and hands free:
 grinder starts automatically when portafilter is placed 

• Red-Dot-Design Award 2005
• modular construction; illuminated display; colours, prints, etc. available on request; optional hopper adaptor to suit different coffee packagings 


K30 ES:
• 21  different grinding positions; electronic shot timer 

K30 Vario: gradually adjustable grinding degree; electronic shot timer

Purchasing info

This product is not available for online purchase at this moment. Call us for more information and inquire about our economic pricing!

Please contact Espresso Service West: +31 (0)70 362 48 72

Adjustments- and product information

Our explanatory list of definitions contains elaborate user instructions for adjusting the Mahlkönig (only Dutch) K30 and Twin models. In order to adjust these grinders, some knowledge of basic principles like under and over-extraction is necessary. See our ‘Grinding degree for Dummies' (only Dutch).

Under downloads (see below) you'll find Mahlkönigs own manual.


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