Macap M5D

Stepless Chrome

Macap introduces a revolutionary espresso movement with the introduction of its digital "grind on demand" series of grinders that will suprise the Barista community and specialty coffee industry. The M5D enhances freshness by offering precise control over grinding time. With a simpel turn of the rotary dial, the M5D is programmable to a single or double dose plus continues grind. With its unique features and blue blacklit display, the M5D enhances the barista experience with easy programming in five languages...

Power - 250 Watt
Grinding blades - Ø 58mm flat
Grinding blades speed - 1400 r.p.m. (50 Hz)
Coffeebean container capacity - 0,6kg
Net weight - 8,5kg
Height - 47cm
Width - 19cm
Depth - 31cm (incl. driptray)
Ø hopper - 16,8cm

€ 599,00incl .VAT