Being one of the lucky hundred, receiving the pre-production DISK Fine from Prima Coffee Equipment also meant writing a review. Here it is.

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DISK Fine review

The new DISK Fine produces a cleaner cup

Being one of the lucky hundred, receiving the pre-production DISK Fine from Prima Coffee Equipment also meant writing a review. Here it is.

A little background about me. I have been busy with coffee for 3,5 years now. About the last 1,5 year I started to improve my skills rapidly. Reading all about coffee, being inspired by many people and getting some good equipment. The last few months I have sort of been trying to develop my own ‘style’. Getting this DISK Fine and reviewing it was a nice opportunity to contribute some serious word to the world of coffee. So here it goes.

Paper - DISK 

Versatility is one of the things I love about the Aeropress. And I think I am not the only one. Though it looks a bit odd for a brewing device, it does the job quite well every time. Furthermore it is virtually unbreakable, which is nice. The paper filters give a very clean and crisp taste. Acidity and sweetness scores high numbers. Having a cooled down coffee, the taste is very pleasant. The only drawback of paper is of course its papery taste. Even rinsed properly, coffee tends to taste a little bit dry. Take a dry filter in your mouth and wet it, not nice.

The DISK 2 is different. Though a great coffee can be made with the DISK, it has lost its sweetness and acidity a little bit. Especially when cooled down, the added sediment (of course, the DISK has bigger holes than paper filter) gives a bit a dry mouthfeel due to over-extraction. Something I do not really like. I do not drink french press coffees for the same reason

The DISK 2 always has some clogged up holes after quick cleaning.

Much finer holes

This new DISK has much finer holes. Much finer! This way less sediment gets in the cup and the coffee should taste more like paper filter. I agree with that. During the testing I compared DISK 2 coffees with DISK Fine coffees and DISK Fine coffees with paper filter ones. I used several fresh roasted coffees: SquareMile’s Sertao Carmo de Minas and Vista Hermosa Huila as well as Caffènation’s Burundi (BAC roast) and their Yirgacheffe.

 My conclusion is that compared to the DISK 2 the new DISK Fine produces a cleaner cup with less sediment. There is more acidity and sweetness in the cup, which is very pleasant. The taste is fresher than with the DISK 2 and stays fresh, as the second half of the cup is not influenced by over-extraction. Compared to paper filter the DISK Fine stills lets through some oils and sediment, so it is not as clean but gives a more full bodied coffee. It takes away the risk of a papery taste as well.


DISK FINE no clogging

Of course the use of the DISK is important as well. For example it is very easy to clean. The DISK 2 always has some clogged up holes after quick cleaning. This seems past tense with the DISK Fine as it did not clog up during the testing. 

One thing that does worry me is the durability. I like the DISK 2 because is it quite sturdy. The DISK Fine is very, very thin. Though I didn’t damage it during the testing, I am still very careful with it and I have doubts about the usability for shops. 

In conclusion:


   Cleaner cup

  Less sediment

  More versatility for the Aeropress

  Easy cleanup




  Very thin and fragile

  Too fragile for shop use?


Altogether I am very positive and impressed about Able’s DISK Fine. You can produce a coffee that comes really close to paper filter brew without the papery taste. If you handle it with care there should not be any problems with the fact that is very thin. Though it might just be possible to improve the firmness of the edges.

Two-cup Aeropress recipe

 Last but not least: a nice two-cup Aeropress recipe. Many recipes use around 200-220 ml of water. When I enjoy my coffee with someone else, that is just not so much.


Preheat Aeropress and filter (NOTE: use normal method, so NOT inverted)

Grind 18 grams of coffee a tad coarse

Add ground coffee to Aeropress

Pour over twice the amount of water to bloom (so 40 ml)

Give the Aeropress a good twirl

Pour over water along to sides of the Aeropress

Stop when the Aeropress is almost full (you just added 260 ml)

Give it two short bottom stirs

Press slowly without pressing out any air



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